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Exstension from our aerial farm with two bands. The adding from two bands to our aerial farm especially for the WAP contest. Thanks to Paul PD2PKM for building the 4 Meter Vertical and rebuilding the 6 Meter vertical and Gerard PD2GSP for climbing on the stairway (to heaven HI) and mounting 4 meters at the pole.

After a complete renovation our 6 meter vertical (on top of the pole) is working perfect, thanks Paul PD2PKM

Gerard PD2GSP not on a high Frequency buton a High hight. Just mounted the 4 Meter vertical above his head (the real with stick), thanks Gerard PD2GSP


Gerard PD2GSP just finished mounting the Slim Jim antenna for 4 meter. John (Jan) PA2JCB on the ground (the top of our bunker) with the rope in his hands used for lifting the antenna mounting assembly and the antenna so Gerard PD2GSP has got 2 hands for climbing. Thanks Gerard PD2GSP, John PA2JCB and last but not least Paul PD2PKM for coordinating it all!


With the new added 6 meter and 4 meter antenna we participated in the WAP contest in June 2019 and 2020 and we ended at the first place both contests. This is the whole multi operator crew. From the left to the right Paul PD2PKM, Evert PA3FXY, Gerard PD2GSP, John PA2JCB, our guest operator Fred PA3GDG (only in 2019) and our SWL Anne-Sophie NL13789.






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