Contestgroup 1884

Activity Calendar:
We are active and on the air the following days:
Every second Tuesday of the month we will participate in the VRZA Worked All Netherlands Locator Contest (WANLC)

27 and 28 March 2021

CQ WW WPX contest SSB partly

3 and 4 Apr 2021

EA RTTY contest

17 April 2021

PACC Digi contest

8 and 9 May 2021

Windmill Weekend

12 June 2021

VRZA WAP contest

21 and 22 Aug 2021


21 and 22 Aug 2021

International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend - ILLW

11 and 12 Sept 2021

"Forten on the Air" and Open Monumentendag"

25 and 26 Sept 2021

CQ WW DX RTTY contest

30 and 31 Okt 2021

CQ WW DX SSB contest

21 Nov 2021

Friese Elfsteden contest, from an other loncation



Please note: If you want to assist or visit us please let us know, contact us before visiting. The location is not free accessible and access is dependent on the current COVID19 restrictions.


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